Qt-5.4.0 undefined reference to `QDebug::~QDebug()'

  • A previous git clone of qt-5.4.0 does not report this error when building my application.
    The clone dated 29th. June is OK but the ones done in the last few days give the error.

    /usr/src/ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/QtRadio/Frequency.cpp:365: undefined reference to QDebug::~QDebug()' /usr/src/ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/QtRadio/Frequency.cpp:372: undefined reference toQDebug::~QDebug()'
    /usr/src/ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/QtRadio/Frequency.cpp:372: undefined reference to QDebug::~QDebug()' /usr/src/ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/QtRadio/Frequency.cpp:365: undefined reference toQDebug::~QDebug()'
    QtRadio-Configure.o: In function Configure::initAudioDevices(Audio*)': /usr/src/ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/QtRadio/Configure.cpp:185: undefined reference toQDebug::~QDebug()'
    QtRadio-Configure.o:/usr/src/ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/QtRadio/Configure.cpp:185: more undefined references to `QDebug::~QDebug()' follow
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Makefile:782: recipe for target 'QtRadio' failed
    make[3]: *** [QtRadio] Error 1

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    This is something for IRC, development mailing list, or the bug tracker. Qt developers are rare on this forum and your post is very likely to go unnoticed.

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    Qt 5.4.0 is not yet released. You have cloned the "dev" branch, which is expected to be unstable.

    For your project, using an officially-released version is recommended. You should clone the "v5.3.1" tag instead.

  • Thanks,
    Where I have come across the problem I reverted to 5.3.1.
    git clone now gets 5.3.1 and I checked out dev to get 5.4.0.

    git branch


    • dev

  • I got http://download.qt-project.org/development_releases/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/single/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.4.0-beta.tar.xz

    When I compile I got errors:

    .obj/qsqldatabase.o:qsqldatabase.cpp:function QSqlDatabasePrivate::database(QString const&, bool): error: undefined reference to 'QDebug::~QDebug()'

    .obj/qsqlfield.o:qsqlfield.cpp:function operator<<(QDebug, QSqlField const&): error: undefined reference to 'QDebug::~QDebug()'

    .obj/qtestlog.o:qtestlog.cpp:function QTest::messageHandler(QtMsgType, QMessageLogContext const&, QString const&): error: undefined reference to 'qFormatLogMessage(QtMsgType, QMessageLogContext const&, QString const&)'

    .obj/qnetworkaccessbackend.o:qnetworkaccessbackend.cpp:function QNetworkAccessBackend::createUploadByteDevice(): error: undefined reference to 'QNonContiguousByteDeviceFactory::createShared(QSharedPointer<QRingBuffer>)'

    what can help me?

    Some body get compiled Qt 5.4 beta for imx.6 successfully?

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