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Problem with class method

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with a class method I find on the internet. This code will working, but in 2010. I mean it was tested on a old version of Qt, than take me some problems today. I begin with Qt.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards,

  • Moderators

    We'll need more information to help you.

    What is mRootItem and can we see the declaration of matchPath(). Also what is path in the path.split()?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for reply.

    I have solved the problem about the error c2660.

    But I've two problems with the error c2661 :
    Two functions with the same name, but not the same arguments, and the compiler don't want compile it. Any idea ?

    You can contact me for more information.

    Thank you. I hope you can help me to resolve my problems.

    Best regards,

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