Simplest way to display (perhaps rotate) a 3D Model

  • Is there a recommended way of displaying a 3D Step file?

    I've read so many things, but not sure if the tools/techniques are obsolete due to the constant evolving 3rd party and Qt development!

    For example, Qt3D looks good but doesn't seem to support Step (or Dxf/Iges files). Same thing with importing using the VTK toolkit.

    Other tools, like GLUT, ResIL, PyQtGraph, ParaView, Processing, seem to be very powerful, but may not be suited well for 3D with Qt.

    Finally, I'm not opposed to converting the Step models into something else (Collada?) if it makes the process easier.

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    I'm not sure whether it supports 3D Step files, but IIRC the assimp library can be used with Qt

    Hope it helps

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