[Qt] Take picture from USB camera

  • I have a problem with taking a picture from camera. I would like to not save it on disc, I want have it in buffer.
    imageCapture->setCaptureDestination( QCameraImageCapture::CaptureToBuffer);

    This pice of code doesn't work.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Doesn't work is a bit vague. You should tell what your are expecting and what you are getting ?

  • The program compiles correctly but the flag has not been assigned to write to buffer. I want save capture in buffer but flag has not been changed.

  • Hi, still very vague. How do you setup your QCameraImageCapture class? Do you set it to:
    Did you try the entire sequence given in the docs?

  • I set up a webcam and answer correctly and captures the image to a file but when I set the flag to write to the buffer pass code builds correctly without any problems, I checked the setting flags and no change. It may be because it works on windows, linux and to be able to operate correctly.

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