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Qt Accessibility 4 and 5

  • Hi all,

    I need to make a Qt application "accessible" for testing purposes, but I ran into a huge question..

    Actualy, I got quite happy when i saw there's something like Qt Accessibility and I don't have to implement accessibility for Windows and for Unix also, but I can do both in the same time.. I tried to create a prototype (for custom controls) just to see how it works, but it didn't .. Found out, there've been big changes in Qt Accessibility between the version 4 and 5, that's why it didn't work.

    For me, it looks like Qt 5 accessibility doesn't compatible with earlier Qt's accessibility... Is that true? So if I need to upgrade to a newer version of Qt in the future, I have to refactor my whole application? It could mean millions of lines of codes ... Is that possible, that it's not backward compatible?

    Normally, I would think that even if we change interfaces dramatically, we let the old ones avaliable in some way, so we don't have to refactor everything we wrote before. Does anyone know how I can go with accessibility implemented in Qt 4 with a newer version of Qt? Is there a way at all for that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please see the porting guide for QtCore and QtGui:

    If you find any additional items, please add them "here":, you can also report them as documentation bugs.

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