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PySide 1.2.2 fails to build on Qt4 (Framework), OSX 10.9.4

  • Hi,

    I have issues while building PySide on a system with Qt4 installed as a framework. I had Qt4.8.5 compiled from source and everything was under one single folder, ./bin ./include etc. Compiling PySide against that structure works just fine.

    However, recently I have installed Qt4.8.6 as a standard framework package. Obviously this means that things are under a framework folder hierarchy. So now, when I attempt to compile PySide against that Qt, it fails trying to find the header files.

    Any solutions?

    My Qt projects compile just fine, meaning, qmake finds the include files as frameworks. But CMake seems to fail as I described above. I have created a symlink for the first failing header:

    @~/myApps/Qt4.8.6/include/QtDesigner -> /Library/Frameworks/QtDesigner.framework/Headers@

    and this seems to be fixing the issue, so before going and creating a symbolic link for each header, I would like to ask if there is a more elegant solution.


  • Hi,

    Just an update, I wrote a quick bash script that created symbolic links for each:


    folder in a custom location:


    And PySide compiled fine with CMake. Well, I have provided that path using the



    However still curios to hear about this? How is that the CMake for PySide is not able to work with the framework based Qt?


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