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Compiling static libs crashes with strange linker errors

  • Hey there,

    I tried to compile the static libs for 5.3.0. I ran configure from the "Developer Console for Visual Studio 2013" with the following options:

    @configure -c++11 -mp -release -static -nomake tests -nomake examples -platform win32-msvc2013@

    I had some trouble with Python, so I just installed the latest version and added python.exe to PATH. But now, after compiling for an eternity, I get these error messages:

    €dit: The messages are very long and hard to read inside the code-tag, so I pasted it on

    I guess there is some trouble with qml.lib, but I don't know how to handle those errors.. I know that I had this problem some months ago when I compiled 5.2.0, but I can't remember how I solved this :(

    Thank you,


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