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Interoperability between different operating systems

  • Hello there Qt Forum

    I was wondering if, by developing an application in Windows (using Qt with C++ of course) I could extract files and data from from a Linux server? I can actually connect to it using TCP/IP sockets through .NET 2.0 with VS 2005, but I can't make much "sense" of the data; that is, I'm trying to retrieve a stream containing integers (negative and/or positive) and putting them on a wave file (the creation of the wave file is done).
    However, nothing plays when I open it with Windows Media Player or KMPlayer and they don't complain about the file itself (as a matter of fact, I've used a program called Wave Repair [http://www.delback.co.uk/wavrep/download.shtml], and it does indicate me there is nothing wrong with it, just some suggested parameters for the headers of the file). It turns out (not difficult) that the memory organization of the two operating systems (Windows were I work and the linux server were I'm trying to extract the stream to create the wave file) are intrisicantelly different.
    Is it possible, using Qt in Windows, to access that same server in order to retrieve a stream that has the data that I expect without using a webservice? Put it differently, is there the possibility that I can access and retrieve data from that same server (Linux) and create a wave file with the expected data wether it is running Qt or not? (By the way I don't know if the server is running Qt, that why I put both possibilities)

    Thanks for your time.

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