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Call for Hindi Translators for Qt wiki

  • Main page will be "here": ... Very initial stage and needs lot of work.
    Volunteers are most welcome and do drop me a mail at if you are interested…

  • do you have an audience for the hindi wiki?...i am just curious...but i was wondering if you've done some research/gathered feedback on how crucial this translation is..

  • yes I have put considerable thought into this. Its not a short term goal ..
    Goes with the same line, why is KDE translating stuff to 11 of the official Indian languages ?

  • probably because KDE is a desktop environment (plus a lot of other user friendly software) and they want to reach a wider audience...whereas the wiki is developer centric...correct me if i'm wrong.

  • [quote author="chetankjain" date="1300354902"]yes I have put considerable thought into this. Its not a short term goal ..
    Goes with the same line, why is KDE translating stuff to 11 of the official Indian languages ?[/quote]

    Isn't there a difference between translating for end-users and translating for developers? I am not saying you shouldn't do it, but the question maxpayne asks is justified, IMHO. Do you really expect that a Hindi wiki would pay off the considerable effort it would take for the translation, as opposed to other investments? I have thought about putting more attention to Dutch content on DevNet as well (a Dutch language forum, the Dutch wiki), but I came to the conclusion that for me, it is not worth it. I don't expect to significantly expand the reach of DevNet that way. But the situation for Hindi may be completely different, of course.

  • very valid points, but how much of Indian population is comfortable with English? One should just move outside urban areas and only then you'll find out. There are many despotic people who even try to throw English out of schools. In such a scenario, would we want to completely rule out a significant population from developing skills in basic software development or they end up as mediocore, because they never could understand the documentation properly ...

    chances of how successful this kind of effort is, are very bleak. I know that very well, but again like I said, this will be a long term effort and somewhere someone one has to start. There are other activities that I'm exploring for my immediate gain. ;)

    Maybe Qt is somewhere mid point, one has to start with basics first, but there are considerable people working on that too, with even computers being made for local languages with localized keyboards. So I chose to start here.

    Hey think of it, my kid is reaching primary school soon and will start learning both Hindi and Kannada. Net net at least I'll be able to polish my language skills doing these translations :) and you bet both the dictionaries sit right next to me now :P

  • How much of the Indian population is comfortable with English, I don't know obviously. I'll take your word for it if you say "not much" or something along those lines. It is shocking that there are movements that would rob future children of the command of such useful skills as being able to speak English in India. That is a problem.

    I wish you the best of luck with your effort, but I don't see how you are going to master Qt if you don't also master English to a reasonable level. The API is basically only readable if you know English, so you get a feeling of what methods do and what arguments mean.

  • andre, oh yes many politicians do play to mass mania at times here and we've seen some weird rules come and go :) .... utlimately the API will still be in english, its only the relevant docs that could be translated. reading is far easier than actually understanding what you have read. well one could argue on that ...

    hey the whole thing could be much easier as soon as say a google translator is available for kannada.. i know it already supports hindi :) but it being fully accurate is not something I would bank upon :P

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