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QQuickWidget crash

  • this is my problem with this code
    @QQuickWidget *view = new QQuickWidget(this);

    when i compile with QT creator is ok.
    But, when I run executable into second pc, copy all QT library, the app crash with error iglicd32.dll library.
    I compile with qt5.3.0 in windows xp sp3, and second pc is windows xp sp3.

    If i Remove the code

    @//QQuickWidget *view = new QQuickWidget(this);

    the app work.

    HELP ME!!!! ;-(

  • I find the problem. The second pc mount a graphics card intel 945.
    the problem is in Opengl. If i go to intel graphics options, section 3d and change buffer bit to 16bit, the application don't crash, but show black screen.
    I suppose there's a problem with qt and intel.
    Now, is a QT problem, or a Intel driver Problem?

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    Qt Quick requires OpenGL 2.0 or greater. However, the Intel 945 only supports up to OpenGL 1.4: https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/284458

    You cannot use Qt Quick + OpenGL with this graphics card.

    One possible solution is to download a non-OpenGL version of Qt, and use that to compile your app.

  • Thank you for your response. I try to compile with visual studio 2013 without opengl.

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