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Error while building the OCI Plugin in widows 7

  • I am trying to bulild the OCI Plugin. I have written the below code and save it as batch file and ran it.

    set INCLUDE=%include%;C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\OCI\include;C:\Qt\Qt5.0.2\Tools\MinGW\include
    set LIB=%lib%;C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\OCI\lib\MSVC
    cd C:\Qt\Qt5.0.2\5.0.2\Src\qtbase\src\plugins\sqldrivers\oci

    However While running the above code in batch mode I’m facing below error

    .obj/release/qsql_oci.o:qsql_oci.cpp:(.text+0xb464): undefined reference to OCI NumberToInt' .obj/release/qsql_oci.o:qsql_oci.cpp:(.text+0xb520): undefined reference toOCI
    .obj/release/qsql_oci.o:qsql_oci.cpp:(.text+0xb638): undefined reference to OCI HandleFree' .obj/release/qsql_oci.o:qsql_oci.cpp:(.text+0xb691): undefined reference toOCI
    .obj/release/qsql_oci.o:qsql_oci.cpp:(.text+0xb6e2): undefined reference to OCI StmtPrepare' C:/Qt5.3.0/Tools/mingw482_32/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/4.8.2/../../../../i 686-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: .obj/release/qsql_oci.o: bad reloc address 0x1 in se ction.text$_ZN17QtMetaTypePrivate23QMetaTypeFunctionHelperIP7OCIStmtLb1EE6Dele
    collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Makefile.Release:80: recipe for target '........\plugins\sqldrivers\qsqloci.d
    ll' failed
    mingw32-make[1]: *** [........\plugins\sqldrivers\qsqloci.dll] Error 1
    mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory 'C:/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.2.1/qtbase

    how to slove it ? 3Q

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    Is it me or are you trying to link a Visual Studio built library with a MinGW built Qt ?

  • This person has the same problem as I do. Is getting the same errors.

    My question is posted here:

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