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Qt Creator hangs when scrolling or typing (very annoying)

  • Very annoying ... Is anyone having trouble with the latest stable release of Qt Creator hanging when typing or scrolling in the edit window. I have it installed on a high end Fedora box with plenty of memory and processor speed. Are there any setting I can try to fix the problem?

  • I don't see such problems on my Fedora box.

    Did you have previous versions of QtCreator on this machine?
    If so then try to move, rename $HOME/.config/QtProject* to something else and start QtCreator again.

    Is the opened project large?

  • Yeah I have a couple of previous versions of Qt Creator on the machine. The project is not large. I'm a little confused about what you are suggesting though. I see the QtProject folder under $HOME/.config/ , but wont renaming it break things? I don't know what that folder is for. Where should I move it? What should I rename it to? Do I have to change a setting in Qt Creator after doing this?



  • This directory contains configuration info for QtCreator and other qt apps. If you stop all Qt apps like assistant, designer, qtcreator and then move this directory to let say $HOME/qt_config_files/ then on next restart QtCreator will create clean configuration. If you open your project in clean config and it will continue to hang then you need to dig dipper. If QtCreator will start to work without the problems then your old config has something wrong.

    If you quit qtcreator, delete new config and copy old config back then you will have all your settings restored.

  • Okay, got it! Thanks for the advice :-)

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