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Mingw 64 builds / Which is the "main" compiler of digia?

  • Hello,

    I have some basic questions.

    For our software product we have to create a 64bit build. The main
    plattform is windows. At the moment we use mingw 32bit compiler.

    I know that it is possible to compile a 64bit Qt by yourself, or to use
    a compiled 64 bit package by another user. For several reasons this is
    no option for us.

    Are there plans or a Roadmap to provide a official mingw 64bit build of Qt?

    If there is no Qt Mingw 64 bit in near future we have to consider a
    switch to VC++.

    Which compiler is digia using internally for development? VC++? I guess that this
    compiler will get most support in future and so would be also an consideration for us.


  • Hello Gerd,
    have a look at the "download" site here, You will see, that there are compiles with VS 2010, VS 2012 and VS2013,
    I work with VS2010 and VS2013 together with Qt Creator 64.

    If you have to support Windows XP (64), you can use VS 2010 or VS 2013 (with a special compiler switch), with Qt 5.3.1 VS 2013 works fine.

    You also can use the express versions of Visual Studio, when you use with Qt Creator, or you do not need the Qt Addon.

    As you see, no limit :)


  • Hello Peter,

    As you see, no limit :)

    That would be nice!

    It seems you are a VC++ user. Are you working at Digia?

    In my knowledge VS 2010 Compiler kit is free after that you must use Visual Studio which costs money. So there is no free route to an free up to date VC++ 64bit compiler.
    Funnily there is no 64bit Package for VS 2010 in the download section!
    Paying once is not the problem, but i guess when entering this game they will try to get the money every year. If VC++ 64bit would be free it would be easy to give it a try.
    Do you know a solution to get a free VC2013 64bit setup?

    Also there are quite some differences beetween mingw and vc++, but thats another topic.

    but my original topic is about 64bit! compiler options for Qt on Windows.

    In fact i am more interested if digia is planning a official mingw 64 build, and i would also pay for that feature. Or, a guess from me, if they use VC++ internally - at least they list Microsoft as a partner.


  • Hello Gerd,
    no, I do not work at Digia. You can get this informations from a lots of people at this forum...

    To VS 2013: Express has a compiler with 32 bit and a cross compiler to 64 Bit. It is not native, so if you work on a 64 Bit machine, it is slower to compile...

    You can try to find a time limited Version, install it and work with Qt Creator. Only Visual Studio is limited. The compiler is not.

    And when I remember, the VC 2010 kit has 64 Bit compiler on board. I guess it was a member of the SDK.

    Have a look at the net, I think you will find...

    i.e. here:

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