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Apple release XCode 4 with LLVM

  • It's some days ago, but was not mentioned here before: Apple just release XCode 4 which includes the new LLVM compiler.

    I wonder what you guys think of the new stuff?

    And of course it would be interesting to know when it will be officially supported by Nokia for the Qt libs and for Qt Creator.

    More info on Apple's "XCode 4 - what's new page":

  • Looks like a big step forward for Apple. Surely clang is the better C++ compiler. It starts the age were C++ is self-hosted (at least for me!). Strange that it comes from Apple...

  • I would not recommend up grading. Xcode 4 wont compile the xcode projects generated from qmake. Also, when i try to run my original Qt project in Qt Creator, my project crashes with the following error:

    collect2: ld terminated with signal 10 [Bus error]

    that's an error coming from the linker crashing. THE LINKER CRASHING

    it probably wont be long before Qt officially supports Xcode 4 but in the mean time, I'm re-installing Xcode 3.

  • So far it seems to be working for me; I've got xcode4 installed from the app store. I did have to re-install qt creator. I think qt creator is actually using gcc still; but I can try out xcode4 and still work with qt creator and build and run things there, so I'm happy for now.

    I would really like to see official xcode4 support though :)

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