EnginioModel get data from qml

  • Hi all,

    I struggling with some kind of idiot function I can't find in the EnginioModel;

    I have a simple EnginioModel that query for all object of the collection "city" (example).
    I have the TableView control that display the data from the model, defining columns and role, everything fine so far.

    Now when user select a row of the table I wan't to retreive data of the selected object in the model (to display additional results, to delete an object...) so i need to access the model by row, but can't find any "get(int index)" method accessible from QML ...

    What am I missing here ??



  • Hi Stéphane,

    I've never used the TableView control, but doesn't the rowDelegate component has direct access to the properties of the model line ?

  • The function is missing and it will be added.

  • When will it be added?

  • When will it be added?

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