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  • Hello everybody,

    I have been trying for two days to download qt 5.3.1 for windows 7 64 bit using the online installer but I failed . I thought it would be a mirror problem but I tried all the mirrors available in the info section next to the installer without any result.

    The error that always occurs when the setup wizard window opens :Network error while downloading target 'C:/Users/%username%/AppData/Local/Temp/qt_temp.mIn656'.Error:connection closed.
    I downloaded other things successfully the problem is there only with qt download.

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    Use the offline installer, and if the problem persists, download using some kind of download manager.

  • Thank you sierdzio I'm going to try it but can you help me how to choose between the two 64 bit versions?
    (Qt 5.3.1 for windows 64 bit (VS 2013,573 MB) or
    Qt 5.3.1 for windows 64 bit(VS 2013,open GL,571 MB)

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    The one without "OpenGL" is using ANGLE project, so it will draw using DirectX (all OpenGL calls from Qt will be translated on the fly into DirectX callse). Use this if you and your clients do not have proper OpenGL drivers installed (especially true for Windows XP).

    The one with "OpenGL" uses OpenGL directly, without any layer of indirection. Use it if you need OpenGL versions higher than 2.0, and when you know your users will have good OpenGL drivers.

    In Qt 5.4, both builds will be merged into one, and the drawing backend will be chosen automatically by Qt, during application startup.

  • Ok thanks, hoping that the problem will be solved .

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    If you still want to try the online installer, I made a tool to work around the unrerliable connections:

    (Using the offline installer is still simpler, but the online installer is recommended if you want to install multiple versions of Qt at the same time)

  • Hello,
    sierdzo your solution worked .
    JKSH thanks you I will check your solution.

  • hii
    i guess online installer is very slow.
    i shall choose offline installer instead.

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