Trying to get an existing qt project (no project file) to build

  • I downloaded a zip of an existing qt project from github and can not get it to build.

    There is no project file but there is a makefile and I changed the filters in the new project dialog to show it, I can even click it in the project window and edit it. But if I try and build it there is an error "file makefile doesn't exist"

    I can't figure out how to progress from here, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I haven't used qt before but I have used visual studio, running this on windows 8.

  • Found the .pro file, it was in a folder I hadn't checked.

    When I double click it qt loads and then stops responding, also if I use open project from within qt it does the same. I have checked the .pro file and it contains a number of (correct) relative paths to the ui forms and a grc file.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you also check that there was no .pro.user file in your zip ? If there was, removed it and try again

  • Thanks, there is no pro.user file in the folder.

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    Can you post a link to that project ?

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