Cross-platform application launcher example ?

  • I am looking for an example of a simple app launcher for Windows/Linux (or if someone can program it for me)

    At this stage all I need for it to do is the following:

    • User launches launcher.exe
    • Launcher opens a standard to OS window with 2 buttons Run Game and Quit
    • If user presses Quit, launcher quits.
    • If user presses Run Game, the launcher executes game.exe in the same folder as launcher, minimized itself.
    • If game's exe isn't found, launcher pops error window saying "Game's executable isn't found" with Ok button, which closes the error window and goes back to launcher's window.
    • When user quits the game, and game's binary is no longer in RAM, launcher automatically quits.
    • If the game crashes (or anything other than normal exit), launcher doesn't quit, and instead pops an error window saying "You game crashed or terminated unexpectedly" with Ok button.


    [edit: Made a proper list to make the post readable SGaist]

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Have a look at the "Fluid Launcher Demo" in Qt's documentation, it should give you a good starting point.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks, but isn't it for mobile apps only?

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    The GUI part was designed with mobile in mind but the core logic is the same

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