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Debugging without entering into the Qt Libraries/Famework (set auto-solib-add off ???)

  • Hi,

    I am trying to debug a program an using "step into" command I often enter the Qt Libraries/Famework source code. I would like to avoid doing that.

    Searching the WEB ("link": found that it seem possible by using the GDB command :
    set auto-solib-add off

    I tried to but it in the Tools->Options->Debugger->Gdb->Additional Startup Command text box. But that does not work.

    I also some posts that said that adding the command to the .gdbinit file was working. Tried it but didn't get it to stop the display of the Qt source code

    Anybody has experienced with that and got it to work ?


    Qt Creator version 3.11
    Qt 5.2.1 (GCC 4.6.1, 32 bit)
    DEBIAN Linux Wheezy

  • BUMP,

    Looks like nobody is doing that. True ?

    Do people just enter debug on the Qt Lib and just do a STEP OUT ???


  • Allez encore un rebond. BUMP again.

  • I'd guess people mainly use 'step over' (F10) for thing they do to want to step into, and 'step out' (Shift-F11) in cases they accidentally enter something they don't want to see.

    Apart from that, "set auto-solib-add off" wouldn't solve your problem. GDB would still step in, but wouldn't resolve sources, so you'd end up stepping through disassembler.

    Simply don't use 'step in' if you don't want to step in.

  • Thanks for the explanation about GDB.

    Seems like the only way is using 'step out' if one get to the Qt lib.

    May that is a feature that should be developed cause when one is programming a new soft or debugging, there is no need to start going over the Qt lib code AFAIK.

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