[Solved] Mac OS X i18n translation differences 10.7 and 10: need only locversion.plist?

  • The Qt documentation says you need a locversion.plist file in your bundle so the main menu and native dialogs of your app will translate. I found that one or more xx.lproj files in the bundle is sufficient for OSX 10.9. But with only xx.lproj, the app does NOT translate on 10.7. I will try just a locversion.plist without the xx.lproj, but does anyone know if that is sufficient for 10.7 through 10.9?

    I suppose that 10.9 must recognize locversion.plist for backward compatibility, and using just the locversion.plist is the preferred way for that reason. I think I was led astray by Xcode documentation.

    Update: I was using QLocale.system() instead of QLocale.uiLanguages(). See the doc note I wrote at QLocale. On 10.7 and 10.8, system() always returned 'en', so nothing in my app translated (except native dialogs?) Also, I think the mere presence of a xx.lproj folder in your bundle Resources is enough to make OSX translate the main menu and native dialogs, it doesn't seem to require a locversion.plist in that folder, even a Localizable.string will suffice.

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