I try to load Qt translation file, but doesn't work

  • When I upgrade my project to Qt 5.3.0, the app just doesn't show Qt translation like "OK","Cancel" and so on. I've loaded the translation file(qt_zh_CN.qm and qt_zh_TW.qm), but invalid.
    The Qt Creator 3.1.2 also doesn't show Chinese information in these text, so maybe there is something wrong with Qt translation file?
    my application is like this
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    QTranslator *sysTranslator = new QTranslator;
    sysTranslator->load("qt_zh_CN"), QTLIBPATH);
    return app.exec();@

  • First easy test is to debug the load function if it does return TRUE. If not, the translator is not loaded and thus no translations are possible.
    Then did you run you QLinguist again to verify all the given strings?

  • Sorry for opening the topic again.

    I have got the same problem. Did you find a solution @Toxsch
    I made a new topic here:

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