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Setting the correct INSTALLS value for installing a static library

  • I'm building a non-qt library using qmake, and I want to be able to run the following commands to install the library:

    @qmake ../mylib
    make install@

    I've done this before for applications, using the target and installs variable, like this:

    @target.path = /usr/bin
    INSTALLS += target@

    But this doesn't seem to work for libraries. What's the recommended way to do this?


    I tried this, but it didn't work

    @DESTDIR = ../lib

    #TODO: this doesn't work! Find a way to copy binaries to /usr/libs folder
    libraryfiles.path = /usr/lib/
    libraryfiles.files += $$DESTDIR/mylib.a
    INSTALLS += libraryfiles@

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