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Qt 5.3.1 QtCreator rename QtApp-debug.apk to MyApp

  • Does anyone know where can I tell to qt creator 3.1.2 to build MyApp-debug.apk instead of QtApp-debug.apk? I added the AndroidManifest.xml and tried to change the application name but I allways get QtApp.... instead of my desired name. I've also tried to add build.xml like with Qt version 4.8.2 but I still get only QtApp...
    Where should I change the Project Name?

    [echo] Project Name: QtApp
    [gettype] Project Type: Application

  • The name of the generated .APK has nothing to do with the application name.
    It generates always QtApp-debug.apk, but if you changed the application name so after installed on the device you'll see the application name you given on the device and not "QtApp".
    So, what's the problem of having the QtApp-debug during the generation ??
    Or in other word, why is so important for you that QtCreator generates something different from QtApp-debug.apk ??

  • I thought that like in the older version (4.8.2 in build.xml) it was possible to tell to QtCreator the name of the apk but now it seems that is not possible anymore and you have to do it manually. If you have more projects all are packed with the same name and you have to rename them manually or you have to look inside the apk to find out what application it is. Thank you for the answer.

  • Currently, We cannot change the default name: "QtApp_*.aok".

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