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  • I use cmake to configure the VTK for Qt creator.
    pop out such kind of error, what is the problem? how to solved it?

    @CMake Error at /opt/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfig.cmake:15 (message):
    The imported target "Qt5::Gui" references the file


    but this file does not exist. Possible reasons include:

    • The file was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location.

    • An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully.

    • The installation package was faulty and contained


    but not all the files it references.

    Call Stack (most recent call first):
    /opt/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfigExtras.cmake:31 (_qt5_Gui_check_file_exists)
    /opt/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfigExtras.cmake:58 (_qt5gui_find_extra_libs)
    /opt/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfig.cmake:143 (include)
    /opt/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Widgets/Qt5WidgetsConfig.cmake:88 (find_package)
    GUISupport/Qt/CMakeLists.txt:58 (find_package)


  • same problem just few seconds ago...:D

  • Seems here an half of the answer:

    I will try to install the 5.3.0....

    Ahahah I just tested, commenting that line with # and it works!! :D

  • hi i just changed back to qt 5.2.1, when use cmake, i give the variable value like this
    -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH:PATH=/path/to/qt.5.2.1-install/5.2.1/gcc_64/lib/cmake @

    [quote author="ginko" date="1404829838"]same problem just few seconds ago...:D[/quote]

  • This bug has been reported

    For now they found another workaround which doesn't involve changing any file: simply install libEGL-dev. (e.g with linux MINT the package libegl1-mesa-dev avoid the error).

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