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Unable to start qt ERROR 0xc0000007b

  • Hi, I am getting a very weird error when lauching qt, It says winrtrunner.exe: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click ok to close the application. And then if I click of and try to run an app that was previously working I get very weird bugs.. anyone?

  • Hi, 0xc000007b can imply a mixup of 32- and 64-bit installations, for example you have a 32-bit Windows 7 and winrtrunner.exe is a 64-bit file.

    However, because you say you clicked on an app that worked before, 0xc000007b can also mean there's a problem with your hard disk and you need to try a system restore :-(

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    I've seen that problem if you don't have your platform plugins. Make sure you deploy your application properly.

    Here is the "docs": on deploying for windows.

    It can also be because of mixed 32/64 bit stuff, as well as about a million other things. Although I doubt it's a hard disk problem. I would save that for a last ditch effort. :)

    Oh and just to summarize the stuff you would need, your directory structure would look like this:


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