Are translations lupdated (but not translated) every release of Qt? Undo foo is not translated.

  • My question is about the process of releasing Qt. Does the Qt org run a script to refresh the needed translations at every release? For example, run lupdate on all the source having translatable strings, for every language targeted, so for example qt/qttranslations/qt_es.ts is updated on every release?

    My specific problem: 'Undo foo' is not translated in a QAction created using QUndoStack.createUndoAction(). In QUndoStack.cpp source, it uses tr('Undo %1'). That is a template, where someone(?) at runtime will substitute another translated string e.g. "drawitsky" (the text() of a QCommand) for %1 so that the user sees "Undosky drawitsky". But in qt/qtranslations/qt_es.ts (the Spanish translations) there is no "Undo %1" in the QUndoStack context, only "Undo".

    If I knew what the translations process or workflow was, I am tempted to report this as a bug in the scripts that are part of the workflow (that should be updating qt_es.ts with string "Undo %1".) Or maybe its a different bug, that the tr() macro is misinterpreting the %1?

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    That's a question you should rather ask on the interest mailing list, you'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers(this forum is more user oriented)

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