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QGraphicsView with dragging scene but fixed widget as background

  • Hi all

    My request is a bit strange but I'll try to explain as best as possible. I would like to use the Qt QGraphicsScene "engine" for manage a large number of object that are mapped in a space. With QGraphicsView I can see only a part of this space like a "window" over this map. Now the problem is that I want to set a fixed custom widget to stay always in the background of the QGraphicsView control. This mean this widget will not move and will paint various part of the map (in background) following the same concept of the "window" over the map world by following the drag movements. So, for resume, if I drag the mouse over the QGraphicsView I can browse my map and see various object mapped but the "fixed" widget in the background have to follow my drag movement and paint on the fly what I should see in the map "world" point. Hope I was clear. Now I guess there are various way to reach this result but someone can suggest the best one?
    Thank you

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