Want script to open terminal

  • I'm doing a program (OS X) that needs to open a terminal then issue a command:

    "adb -s ipaddress:5555 shell" where the ipaddress is variable depending on what android device is connected. Terminal.app can't accept arguments, so I'm trying a bash script:

    /Applications/adbfire/adb -s $1 shell

    qt code:

    daddr = ""
    cstring = "/Applications/adbFire/startadb.command";
    QProcess::startDetached(cstring,QStringList() << daddr);

    I need the startDetached to open a terminal, then run the code. Now it sends activity to Application output. Can I make startDetached act as if I double-clicked the file: open a term to run it?

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    You are trying start two external process at a time. You can try the following.

    1. Use the 'system' api to start the external command. Try whether this helps.
    2. You can start the external process as terminal. This process is treated like I/O device. Redirect the stdin/out of external process and write what you want from Qt process.

    See if any of these help you.

  • Thanks, I'll try this out.

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