Qt5 (eglfs): cannot access mouse & keyboard on embedded Debian Linux

  • I am currently working on BeagleBone Black running Debian (I followed "these":http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardDebian instructions). I cross compiled Qt 5.3.0 and I am running on EGLFS platform.

    Everything is fine except that I cannot make use of mouse and keyboard in my application. If I launch my application as a "normal" user then I obtain this output:

    bq. Cannot open keyboard input device '/dev/input/event1': Permission denied
    Failed to open keyboard
    Cannot open mouse input device '/dev/input/event0': Permission denied
    Failed to open mouse

    then the application starts and works fine but I cannot interact with it due to this problem.

    Instead if I launch the application as root then everything is fine... So I guess that I have some permission problem on my user... what should I check?

  • Which is the owner and which is the name of the group of /dev/input/event1?

    You can change the permission of /dev/input/event temporary and check if you can start your app as user.

    If this works then you have to find out if the input node are static or dynamically created.

    If dynamically created you have to find who and where the nodes are created. change the permissions there.

    Best regards


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