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Handle to factory edit widget

  • I want insert my own editor widget into a QTableView. I am trying to follow the lone example Qt offers which does it for a Color ComboBox.

    My issue is that I want a handle to the edit widget. IN the code below I want to get a pointer to ColorListEditor. Say for instance I want to change the colours dynamically and so want a pointer to the widget so I can call a method like 'resetColors(QStrList colors);

    Does anyone know how I can get such a handle to the created widget.


    @QItemEditorFactory *factory = new QItemEditorFactory;

    QItemEditorCreatorBase *colorListCreator =
        new QStandardItemEditorCreator<ColorListEditor>();
    // How do I get a handle to the newly created ColorListEditor ?
    factory->registerEditor(QVariant::Color, colorListCreator);

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    From quick look to the classes you would have to keep a pointer to your editor creator, update the color list there and apply it each time you create a new editor or you could create a QStyleItemDelegate where you set the list in createEditor.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks

    I think I will just create a separate edit area below the table.

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