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Can I create android application with C++ and Qt interface? I have written a software in c++ and qt interface for desktop..but know I want to launch i

  • If so, then please let me know..and how far it can be possible..

  • Simple answer: Yes you can!

    I'm a Qt newbie myself, but as far as I know, your main work in porting your app to Android involves optimizing the GUI for the smaller screen of Android devices.

    You can test run your app on an Android Virtual Device,
    Or better yet, connect your phone via USB and you're ready to go (recommended, this is the more stable option. AVD sometimes fails)

  • Thanks..Do i need to install any extra library?or it will work with qt creator and android sdk?

  • Open preferences, go to android configuration window, and set the path for these:

    • Android SDK (with build tools installed. install the whole ADT bundle just to be sure)
    • Android NDK
    • Apache Ant

    After that, you will be able to run and compile ANY Qt program for Android.

    BTW: don't forget to install Android version of Qt:
    Go to here:
    Click "Show Downloads", then download the suitable version for your platform.

  • thnks..I will try tonight

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