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Adding install section to the generated Makefile

  • after running qmake i get the Makefile with empty install section
    how can i make qmake generate the install commands in the Makefile automaticly ?

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    Well you can use the pro file to do install stuff. Like for one of my libraries I do:

    INSTALLS += library headers docs

    library.files = libsharkcore.a
    library.path = /usr/local/lib
    headers.path = /usr/local/include/sharkcore
    headers.files = src/.h
    docs.files = docs/docs/html/

    doc.spath = /usr/local/share/doc/sharkcore

    You can check out qmake's docs for info on installing things. If you need more advanced stuff I would look into cmake. It is very compatible with Qt and can do very very advanced install stuff. It support makefiles and a lot of other generators like ninja. As a warning though, cmake can be very confusing/complicated for a first timer. :)

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