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WinRT: "qt.winrtrunner: Failed to read phone product ID from the manifest."

  • Hi,
    I've installed "qt-opensource-windows-x86-winrt-5.3.1" in order to test Windows Runtime builds.
    I'm creating and compiling an empty project, and I get the following error at execution:

    winrtrunner --device 0 --install --start --stop --wait 0 C:/Work/Devel/Qt/build-RTW00-Qt_5_3_for_Windows_Runtime_64bit-Debug/debug/RTW00.exe
    qt.winrtrunner: Failed to read phone product ID from the manifest.
    Error while executing winrtrunner: Le processus à planté

    Le processus à planté = Processus has crashed (in french)

    When I generate the VS project and run it, it just goes fine (I've tested it with the touch Qt sample too).
    Any idea?

    Thanks for your help (if any!).

  • Hi,

    I agree this message is not very explicit, that's because your developper licence (for Win 8.1) has expired (Thanks microsoft ;-) ).

    Open a command prompt and type this

    The bad news is you must have a live id.


  • Hi,
    I'm also having this problem and my license hasn't expired! I even ran Unregister-WindowsDeveloperLicense followed by Show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration just to make sure and QT Creator still reports the error.
    BTW I'm only trying to run a Metro App not a Windows Phone App.

    I tried to run the project in VS2013 and it wouldn't run there either - beginning to wonder if I made the right choice of dev tool!

    Any help appreciated.

  • I've tracked down the VS2013 issue: The "Package name" was missing after I'd generated the *.vcxproj file (qmake -tp vc etc.) - is this normal?

    I'm now just left with the Developer license problem.


  • Is it normal ? I don't think so ;-).
    WinRt is not officially supported in Qt. I have the same issue. Each time I want to test my application in VS, I have to add the "package name".
    I think (hope), the next version of Qt Creator / And Qt will be able to launch WINRT versions without launching VS.

    But, my application works fine in WinRT.


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