Qml and qt qrc resources

  • Hey all,
    Im starting to use in my qt app some qml files, and now have one doubt.
    In my app I use qrc file to store gfx files.
    Is there any option to use in qml file graphic from qrc file from qt project ??

    If is, could someone tell me how ?


  • I already know.
    Generally it was very easy :)

    Does anyone know how to delete this topic? :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Only moderators can do that.

    Out of curiosity, I'm not sure I did understood your problem correctly, what do you mean by " use in qml file graphic from qrc file from qt project" ?

  • Hello,
    I have qt widgets app with qrc resources. One of the resources is qml file which animates the png file. I was wondering how I can use in qml file path to graphic in my qrc resources, but I add all ( qrc, qml and cpp files ) to one qt project and it works perfectly.

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    Ok, thanks for the explanation.

    Can you also update you thread title prepending [solved] so other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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