How to start with QtQuick?

  • Hey there!

    Until now we are working with Qt widets. Now we have a project which should be done in QtQuick. Searching the amazon-book-store and the internet I could not find a good ressource for starting and understanding QtQuick/qml etc. Cause it will be a more complex program with database-usage etc wi will need qml and c++ in combination I think.

    Can you recommend some good stuff for beginning and understanding QtQuick? The official documentation seems to be not that perfect for learning it from the beginning.


  • I agree that the documentation isn't that good at simply getting you into the basics. I have previously done a couple of presentations that more or less covers the basics:
    "Rapid prototyping with Qt Quick":

    In addition there is an online book which should give you a pretty good overview "here":

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