After building qt5, not able to find qmacdefines_mac.h in built lib/QtGui.framework

  • I am upgrading some qt projects from qt version 4 to version 5 on mac(mavericks). For that, i built qt5 from source and modified projects to use the qt5 lib which i built.

    In my code, i am using qwidget method in my derived class:

    virtual bool macEvent(EventHandlerCallRef caller, EventRef event)

    But i get "Unknown type name EventHandlerCallRef" and "Unknown type name EventRef". After searching for this in qt 4, i found it inside "qmacdefines_mac.h" in lib/QtGui.framework/... but i could not find same file in qt 5 lib/QtGui.framework.

    Did i miss any flag while building qt 5?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No you didn't. However, the internal architecture changed a lot in between. You might be interested by the nativeEvent method.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks for your reply SGaist.

    In old implementation(qt4), i was using EventRef to get NSEvent using as below code :

    mywidget::macEvent(EventHandlerCallRef caller, EventRef event)

    NSEvent e = [NSEvent eventWithEventRef: event];
    //using nsevent below
    In latest macEvent got deprecated and now have a new api nativeevent,

    mywidget::nativeEvent(const QByteArray& eventType, void* message,
    long* result)

    How can we convert void *message to NSEvent on mac?

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    AFAIK, you can simply cast message to NSEvent

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