Beginner question: Can't get cloudaddressbook running

  • Hello,

    i have a beginner question. I can't get the example cloudaddressbook running. It seems to be, that i can't connect to the cloud services. The credentials are correct. I am behind a proxy server, so my first idea would check the proxy settings. Is this necessary? Where can i set these settings?

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  • You can try to add something similar to this

  • Okay. Thanks for the information.I got a step further. Now i don't get error messages. The example application starts, but nothing happens. If i add a new address book entry, i would expect, that this is updating the EngineIO database. I also added one object to the database and thought, that i would see this object when starting the application. But it is not showing up. I also don't see error messages in the output window / console. Any more ideas, where i can look at?

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  • Sorry for late replay. I guess you are on windows, do you use debugview tool? if you are on *nix could you execute the app in a console? By default all errors are printed to stderr, but you can alter this behavior by connecting EnginioClient::error signal to your own error handler.

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