SpellChecker Plugin for Qt Creator

  • Hi,

    I have finally gotten around to upload and release a spell checker plugin that I have been working on for Qt Creater, the "SpellChecker":https://github.com/CJCombrink/SpellChecker-Plugin Plugin. For more information please read the README on the supplied link.

    This is the first release, it might contain some bugs and instabilities but any feedback will be welcome. It is also my first open-source project so I still have a lot to learn.

    With this release I want to ask the question , is it necessary to be backwards compatible with Qt Creator in the sources? A few things have changed in the Qt Creator API and plugins during development but I just updated the code.
    Do I need to make provision for previous releases, like with pre-processor macros & #defines so that new features and updates can be used in older versions of Qt Creator?

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    Looks interesting ! Thanks :)

  • @Badger: There are no rules about what is necessary or not for plugins that are maintained outside the Qt Creator sources themselves. It is completely up to you to choose which versions you want to support.

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