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WebView does a"Tab" with hide and show

  • Hi

    I have a WebView that I use for a GUI display that comes from a local webserver. The displayed webGUI has various buttons that call an action if clicked by either Touchscreen or be navigation key and OK.
    Every time I hide and show the webView it automagically also does a "Tab" on itself and the next item has the focus in the displayed webpage instead of the same as before the GUI was hidden.

    Is this a known thing and/or does somebody have an idea how to disable that.

    I am on Qt 4.6.3 on eLinux.

  • No WebKit / WebView experts around? :(

  • Too bad :(

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    Qt 4.6.3 seems to be very old. Did you try it with Qt 4.8.6 or more newer Qt 5.3.1 ?

  • The environment is currently "given", and I can not easily change that - unfortunately.

  • What's the best way to programatically send a key-event (Shift-Tab) to a WebView?

    // send a keyevent@

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