OpenPersistentEditor(QModelIndex) not working for child indexes

  • Hello devnet,

    I'm trying to display some QDateEdit inside a QTreeView, which uses a QSortFilterProxyModel, which in turn uses a QAbstractItemModel as source model. The delegate itself is working fine, but it would be nice to always have the editor open to be able to quickly pick a date.

    So my first guess was calling
    on every index that has a valid QDate as it's DisplayRole. I use
    of the proxy model to get a list of those indexes and then try to open the editor for every one of them.

    However it seems to only work for indexes that are in the top level of the tree, not for their children.
    Does anyone have a clue what reason this could have? Or is there a better way to accomplish my goal?

    I would be grateful for any information.
    Thanks in advance!

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