[Solved] Need advice on selecting output device for MP3 playback

  • Hello, I would like to play MP3s through separate sound cards that I have on my machine. One is for main output, and another for previewing audio (through headphones).

    Anyway, I noticed that there is no way to select the audio output device used by QMediaPlayer. So, I decided to give QAudioOutput a try. I thought there might be a way to get the output of QAudioDecoder into QAudioOutput. Unfortunately, QAudioDecoder apparently isn't implemented in OSX.

    My questions

    • Is there any other way to select an output device for MP3 playback using only Qt on OSX?
    • Are QAudioDecoder and QAudioOutput even intended to work together? If so, how?
    • Would I be better off using a different library for audio playback?

  • For anyone who had the same question...

    I have abandoned QAudioDecoder since it's not implemented on OSX and leaks memory in Windows. Instead, I'm using mpg123 with QAudioOutput and am loving it so far.

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