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How to make apk

  • Hello. I am in need of some help. I have extensive experience using Qt and Qt-embedded releases 3.* but now things are something else entirely. Im trying to learn to develop code for Android using qtcreator, but I am simply wasting my time. This software is amazingly messy and delicate - has anyone actually managed to make anything using qtcreator???

    Anyway, I follow the description, but qtcreator only produce apk files in the .....-Debug directories and not in the .....-Release directory, and when I try to upload any of these to Google play I get errors saying there is no icon included and so the code is refused.... I have carefully, blindly, made a number of subtle, unreasonable, changes described in the qt documents.

    Man, this is a joke. I'm beginning to think learning Java would be quicker than learning qtcreator. Does anyone with experience have any views on this question? Man am I frustrated.

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    You do sound frustrated, indeed. There are numerous Qt applications already available in the Play Store. I have made several application that run on Android (but are not on Play store). This really works and - in my opinion - the process is rather smooth and easy to follow.

    To set an icon, please open the android manifest file in Qt Creator and click on the icons that are displayed there: you will be able to change them. Also, if you are not using Qt 5.3 already, please upgrade.

  • Thanks. I already had included the icons, and I do indeed use 5.3 - even so, Google play rejects it claiming missing icon. Also, I am unable to even produce an apk file when opting for "release" - I can only do it for "debug" version.

  • You need to "Sign" the application:

    Go down to the section "Signing the Application".

    Please note that there have been (and still are) some bugs to do so from Windows or Mac, however it seems to work in Linux.

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