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Tablet Menus

  • Tried an app I have made using Qt5.3.

    Run it on a Samsung Tab 3 and when I press the menu button (on the bezel) a nice native menu appears with all my menus on.

    On a Samsung Tab 2 no menu is available. On a Nexus 10 again no menu is available.

    I can get a menu to appear by calling


    but it is just a standard windows style menu across the top of the app.

    So my question is, what does the Tab 3 do to get the native menu up? Am I missing a special call?

    These are all built using API 19 BTW.



  • Something else that could be a clue.

    I currently add the menus through code. If I add them via the creator then a native menu does appear.

    Here is an example of what I do:

    QMenu* menuFile = menuBar()->addMenu("&File");

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