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[SOLVED]Connect qlineedit with horizontal slider

  • Hi,
    I want to connect lineEdit with horizontal slider that will change values when the value in lineedit changes. (picture attached)!!

    I have tried this method but to no avail. I wonder if it's because the value inserted into lineedit is in QString format and the value in slider is in integer format?


    //in a separate function
    ru_rag = ui->lineEdit_21->text();
    int rag = ru_rag.toInt();
    //separate function ends

    int RadioUserWindow::rag_valuechanged()
    int r = rag;


    error msg:
    QObject::connect: No such slot QSlider::rag_valuechanged()
    QObject::connect: (sender name: 'lineEdit_21')
    QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'horizontalSlider')

    May I know what went wrong here?

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    The parameters for textEdited() and rag_valuechanged() should match. So it should be rag_valuechanged(QString) and then in that slot convert the QString to integer and set it to the horizontalSlider.

  • Agree with p3c0.
    It would be like this.

    connect(ui->lineEdit_21,SIGNAL(textEdited(QString)),ui->horizontalSlider, SLOT (rag_valuechanged ( QString )));

  • i tried and i still get the same message, no such slot QSlider::rag_valuechanged(QString)

    the slider did not change when the text is changed.

  • Have you applied changes into .h file according to rag_valuechanged(QString) slot??

    If no, then I think you should define slot in .h file

    void rag_valuechanged(QString) ;

  • i got it solved with the simpler way, right click and go to slot for lineedit and set the slider value from there without using the connect line. Thanks all.

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