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Configure QtCreator for (PIC) Microchip XC8/16/32 compilers

  • I've been looking for guides on how to configure Microchip's XC8, XC16 and XC32 compilers with QtCreator or other IDEs, but I have found nothing; only MPLAB IDE related stuff. These compilers are used to compile Assembly code for Microchip's PIC devices. XC8 and XC16 only compile C code, while XC32 can compile C++ as well. I could read from the manuals that XC16 and XC32 use a gcc/g++ -like compiler, while XC8 seems to be a custom compiler.

    Next there is the download link to these compilers:
    "XC8/16/32 download page":
    And here are the links to their PDF manuals:
    I think the interesting stuff is in chapter 5: Compiler Command Line Driver (chapter 4 for XC8)

    If anyone succeded in using these compilers in QtCreator, could you share the configuration process with me?
    Otherwise, can you help me configuring them? It will be quite hard to do because right now I have no project to test the compiler with... but maybe some simple "hello world" thing is going to work.

  • I know this is an old post, but i wanted to share what i know.
    Using XC... the compilers is not that hard. What i did was just "steal" the makefiles from the generated project in MPLAB, and modify them.

    What i had the most trouble with was getting the debugger working. To do this, you have to get qt-creator to accept the (or mdb.bat) as a debugger. I started writing a small script that acts as a proxy, and emulates gdb. haven't gotten to testing it yet.

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