Hi, Im new and would like to ask a question?

  • Hi, I'm really new to Qt and Iv been following some documents oh how to use, but I cant seem to find out how to add more then one Forms .ui How can I add more then one, same thing with adding more .cpp files. Thanks for letting me post. I really like Qt even though I'm new. Iv been programming for a long time on windows and I just wanted to try a new programming language, so I'm using Ubuntu then windows. Thanks

    Andrew Millspaugh

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    From Qt Creator, New File or Project, select Qt, select Qt Designer Form.

    Hope it helps

    On a side note, you should rather change your title to something related to your question.

  • Oh ok I will Remember that :)

  • In Qt Creator,

    Right click your project in the side bar. --> select Add New -> then choose class and file then choose according to your need.

    At the end of wizard , some files will be added to your project.

    These files may be .cpp files or .ui or .h files as per to you choose in the wizard.

  • Using subfolder at the start is a good way to start your project design. Qt Creator will keep those subfolders shown in the project bar, so very convenient for bigger project!
    I hope you like Qt and if you have any question, there are some really smart people here to help you along.

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