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Debug build of Qt Creator crash on startup

  • Hi,

    I have rebuild Qt Creator from source (trunk and 3.1) using MinGW and Qt 5.3 (Win 7, building x86).

    When I try to run the debug build of Creator, it crashes during startup. But in release it runs fine. This happens when trying to run the build from within my Qt Creator IDE or from the exe.

    Is there any knows reason for this?
    Is there any way that I can debug why this is happening? (Stack trace, debug output or something similar)


  • Do you happen do use GDB 7.7?

  • [quote author="andrep" date="1406235636"]Do you happen do use GDB 7.7?[/quote]

    I will have to confirm which version I was using, all I can say at the moment is that I was using the MinGW and GDB that ships with the Qt 5.3 installer.

    Are there any reason that you ask, might 7.7 cause the problem?

  • GDB 7.7 crashes immediately when loading binaries containing certain symbols, see

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