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Can references or pointers be used in C++ methods called from QML/JavaScript?

  • Can references (or possibly pointers) be used when a C++ method is called from a JavaScript function in QML or can only values be used? For example, my code works when I have
    id: myclass

    function mytest(){
    myclass.test(["Value1", "Value2", "Value3"]);

    in a QML file and
    Q_INVOKABLE void test(QList<QString> arg);

    in MyClass.h (with corresponding code in MyClass.cpp)

    but it generates an error when I use &arg or *arg.

    Must the return type of a C++ method also be a value or can references or pointers be used?

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    You can use pointers to QObjects. I don't think any other would work, apart from standard const references (const QString &blah).

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