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Qt 4.8.2 issues with OpenGL 2.0 (Even examples)

  • So I have an Intel Atom E6xx processor Series with a Windows 7 install. The driver for this provides only OpenGL 2.0 for Windows 7. When I install Qt 4.8.2, and view the examples many of them fail, and even crash. I have read every where that Qt's support of OpenGL should be 1.1 on, and expected these to work. I am trying to understand this because I have some software that uses OpenGL with Qt that I am trying to port over to work on this same System, and it is also failing.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Unless you are locked to that version of Qt you should rather try with the latest version of Qt 4 (4.8.6 at this time), or go with Qt 5.3

  • I am using that version because it is the version the customer has called out they would prefer to us. I will certainly see what kind of functionality I get out of the more recent versions of Qt, and reply back.

  • So I did an update to 4.8.6 on the target the platform. I get the same behavior from the 2d printing, Hello GL, and Textures examples which is they crash the driver as well as the OpenGL portion does not draw correctly at all. The Framebuffer examples both tell me the system does not support them which I assume to be fine. The Grabber and Overpainting examples appear to work. The other examples do not crash the driver, but having different degrees of not working similar to that of what I was seeing in 4.8.2. I am unsure if this is what I aught to expect, or not.
    I did also try Qt 5.3 2d printing built with Visual Studio 2012, and this also crashes the driver. I am trying to see if I can get some traction on from Intel to see if their driver implementation of OpenGL has issues as well.

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