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Make a Toobar have a grid layout

  • I want to make a QToolBar have 3 columns of buttons when docked on the left side of the QMainWindow, but have 1 row when docked on the top of the main window. Is this possible?

    I have a tried using a QToolBar with a custom layout, but the normal re-size behavior of the QToolBar doesn't work (doesn't hide widgets behind an expand button when its too small). The non-working expand button isn't that big of a deal, but the bigger problem is that the custom layout prevents the main window from being smaller than the toolbar.

  • I was able to get my desired behavior by putting each row of Tool Buttons in a QHBoxLayout, putting that layout in a empty QWidget, and calling toolBar->addWidget( widget ) for each row. This gives me a grid toolbar when the toolbar is mounted on the left, and single horizontal bar when mounted on the top.

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